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Dinnington Fun Ride

Dinnington Fun Ride

Sun 28 Aug
Hinton Estate
Hinton St George
TA17 8TL



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Additional Event Information

YOU MAY USE THE COURSE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE DURING THE OPENING TIMES. Hinton Estate, Hinton St George, TA17 8TL whatthreewords ///memo.crunched.referral Please the A30 approach from Chard or Crewkerne. The lanes through Hinton St George and Dinnington are very narrow and not ideal for lorries or trailers. Access to parking opens at 9.00am Access to the course is open from 9.30am to 2.00pm. Riders intending to walk the course should start no later than 12.30am. Vehicles to leave by 2.30pm Course is approximately 5 miles and is across farmland not usually accessible to riders. The course will be marked and must be ridden in the direction shown on the map and there will be people on site if you have any problems. Carrying a mobile phone and wearing hi-viz is recommended. Drinking water will be provided at start point and toilet on-site. Riders will be able to return to their vehicles for a break, or even change horse, and then resume riding should they wish to but must be off the course at 2.00pm. Please note riders under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Entry fees: Walker and leading rein pony - £5 Under 12ís - Free 12-16ís - £10 Over 16ís - £15 Rules and Conditions of Entry 1. All riders are to wear a hat to the current standard, and sensible footwear whilst mounted. Anyone not wearing a hat will be asked to dismount by the event organisers. 2. Hi Viz tabards or jackets are advised to be worn by riders. This is the easiest way to locate you in an emergency from the air (Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance) 3. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult whilst riding and on the event site. 4. Riders are encouraged to be courteous of other riders at all times. Please ask before passing and pass at a walk. 5. The course has been set out, checked several times and pre driven by the event organisers. Due to the nature of the event the ground and weather conditions may change. Please direct any issues with the course to the event organiser and if there is a situation that you identify as potentially hazardous, please contact the event organiser immediately. 6. All riders must ensure they have their own personal and up to date personal liability insurance. 7. All dogs must be on leads and are not permitted on the course with horse riders. 8. Your allocated number must be worn at all times. 9. Follow the countryside code at all times - no littering please. 10. The pre set route must be kept to - please stay on the tracks cleared for the ride and please do not stray onto any other farmland, residential gardens or grass verges. 11. Please remove all rubbish from the event site - bins are provided for use. 12. No horses under the age of 3, or mares within three months before or after foaling can be ridden. 13. You are responsible for ensuring that your horse is fit and able to ride the course, and that your tack is suitable and in good condition. 14. There is no emergency farrier on site. 15. In the event of a vet being required, riders must contact the practice they are registered with for assistance and advice. 16. The organisers of this ride have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey instructions of the organisers, marshals and volunteers who are there for your safety. So far as permitted by law, neither the land owners nor the organisers will be liable to any person whatsoever whilst attending, entering or leaving the event, nor for any loss, damage, injury or accident to any person or property or for items lost or stolen. 17. If for any reason you leave the course other than via the main exit, please advise the event organisers. A full Risk Assessment has been completed and available on request.