Who needs Judges?

Look out! No judges about?

Does your club, show centre, organisation or show need to find judges for your events?  You will find a wide range of judges on the RidingDiary Judges List covering all areas of the country.  Get your copy of the Riding Diary Judges List NOW!

Are you a judge or steward?  Event organisers need you!

Lots of event organisers are looking for judges like you.  Make it easy for them to find you - add yourself to the RidingDiary Judges List.  Its fast and its free! Go directly to the Judge Details Entry Form.

If you are a jump judge, dressage writer, commentator, first-aider, course builder or steward then please do put your details on the RidingDiary Stewards List - SIGN UP NOW - organisers need YOU! - RD Stewards List

The Story behind the RidingDiary Judges List

Several years ago we were asked by a number of organisers if the RidingDiary could help with the problem of finding judges for their events. The result was the RidingDiary Judges List - where judges can add their details and an updated Judges List is sent to event organisers approximately once a month.

The feedback has been fantastic!  The Judges List  has proved invaluable when planning events and it has been a real  a life-saver when a judge has to be found at the last minute! You can now find judges of all types and covering all areas of the country on the Judges List and we are always keen to find more!

Judges - Go directly to the Judge Details Entry Form here!

Stewards - Go directly to the Steward Details Entry Form here!

Organisers - get your copy of the Riding Diary Judges List here!

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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