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Event ID 117163

The Bettell-Higgins Showing Show

Sun 18 Aug 2019
Sorry, this event has already taken place.
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Golden Cross Equestrian
Chalvington Road
Golden Cross
BN27 3SS


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Additional Event Information

This show is to raise money for St Micheals Hospice and Hospice in the Weald. In memory of Janet Bettell-Higgins. This is a fun unaffiliated event with inhand,ridden, lead rein and fun classes for everyone. We will have a raffle as well where you can win some amazing prizes !! Here is a list of all the classes RING 1 Class 1 - Young Handler 16 years and under Class2 - Prettiest Mare inhand or ridden Class 3 - handsomest gelding inhand or ridden Class 4 - miniature/Shetland inhand or ridden Class 5 - best rider under 16 Class 6 - lead rein 10 years and under Class 7- family horse/pony (needs to be shown being ridden by two people) Class 8- best handler over 16 Class 9 - cutest and cuddliest pony inhand or ridden Class 10- horse/ pony the judge would most like to take home inhand or ridden Ring 1 championship Ring 2 Class 11- riding club horse/pony ridden or Lead rein Class 12 - cob (hogged or in its natural state) ridden or lead rein Class 13 - ridden hunter horse 14.2hh+ Class 14- ridden hunter pony 14.2hh and under Class 15 - coloured (piebald,skewbald, spotties, roans, duns, palominos and odd coloured) ridden or lead rein Class 16- mountain and moorland ridden or lead rein Class 17 - veteran 16 and older ridden or lead rein Championship class 11-17 Class 18 - inhand cob (hogged or in natural state) Class 19- youngstock (1,2,3years old) inhand Class 20- condition and turnout inhand Class 21- inhand coloured (piebald,skewbald, spotties, roans, duns, palominos and odd coloured) Class 22- inhand mountain and moorland Class 23- inhand rescue Class 24 inhand veteran 16 and older Championship classes 18-24 Supreme championship at the end of the day