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Event ID 127134

Dressage Simulator - Rider Biomechanic's Training

Beatrice Stocks-Seels - BHS and Be Acc. Coach

Sat 13 Apr
National Horse Racing College


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Phone: 07853245843
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The fully interactive Dressage Simulator offers a revolutionary way to focus on riders position and balance by viewing immediate visual feedback on seat position, rein and leg aids. Giving you awareness about your own position. As Beatrice is a Franklin Method certified coach you also have the option to incorporate FRANKLIN BALLS in your training. Focus on improving rider symmetry, balance, core strength and confidence using traditional methods and Franklin Method Equestrian techniques. Helping to improve the following common riding issues plus much more�. * Rounded shoulders * Collapsed hip * Feet turned out * Tipping ahead of the movement * Struggling to sit to the trot * Loose lower leg * Heavy hand/s * Pinching with knees * Leaning *Nervous/New to canter *Returning to riding after injury/time off *Confidence knock For the more advanced rider the simulator also allows you to practise advanced dressage movements, such as: Piaffe, Passage, rein back and half pass ensuring you are using the correct aids and staying in balace.